Mental Health Awareness Month

A portion of the proceeds from the Property of G Soul Co. Mental Health Dept. sweat set go to Spiritually Fit Recovery.

Mental Health Awareness Sweat Set

Spiritually Fit Recovery

In 2019, non-profit, Spiritually Fit Recovery Inc., launched to provide funding opportunities for people in recovery.

Some individuals are not able to make it to the weekly donation-based recovery classes due to work, home life, or distance. Because of this, SFR provides scholarship opportunities for graduates of treatment centers to attend other class opportunities.

With this scholarship program SFR can pay for or subsidize a membership at a yoga studio, a yoga teacher training program, or yoga workshop that a student would like to participate in.

Price should never be a barrier to someone’s spiritual growth. These scholarships allow the students to take other free yoga classes post-treatment, helping to alleviate financial stress while navigating their transition into daily life outside of treatment centers.

If you are interested in donating to Spiritually Fit Recovery 501(c)3 or applying for a scholarship CLICK HERE.

Spring has Sprung

G Soul Co. has made it to its second launch.  Spring is here and we are ready!  There is something in this launch for the warmer weather ahead but also those cool spring mornings / evenings.  Can't wait to shower you with gear that makes you feel loved + safe + powerful.  Love you!


Throughout my whole life clothing and style was a way I could express myself & be comfortable in my own skin for a moment. My hope is to create pieces that make you feel like the powerful + loveable + amazing human you are authentically. Visit to read more about the G Soul journey and beyond. G Soul IG